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    I'm Hurt...


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    I'm Hurt...

    Post  iwantjessenow4me on Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:34 am

    i was going in my mawmaw's bathroom and my cousin megan was in there taking a bath and i didn't see her because the shower curtain was closed and i couldn't hear her because she wasn't saying anything and the water wasn't splashing so i went in there 2 wash my hands and she chased me out.she ran me out and when i was by the bathroom door,my little toe was pushed into the door...poor me!so now i have a broken little toe on my left foot!megan is a freakin' lunatic!my little toe really hurts!i can hardly walk.megan is sooooooooooo mean.her name is megan,just take out the g,then it would say mean!haha.but seriously,my pinky toe really hurts.it happend yesterday 1\12\2010.

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