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    MTV Ponders Picking up ‘Locke & Key’


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    MTV Ponders Picking up ‘Locke & Key’  Empty MTV Ponders Picking up ‘Locke & Key’

    Post  jessefan on Sun Sep 11, 2011 7:55 am

    It seems Locke & Key is the television show everyone wants to see happen, but no network is willing to invest in. After being passed on by Fox, and then Syfy, MTV is having a look at the series as a possible addition to the network’s growing slate of original scripted dramas.

    Read more: http://screenrant.com/locke-key-tv-show-mtv-yman-131116/

    I pray that this gets picked this up. I get the feeling it will be a hit! It would be great news for Jesse! Smile

    MTV Ponders Picking up ‘Locke & Key’  FotoFlexer_PhotoJesseSiggy

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