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    In Honor Of Rosa Parks: A Historical Figure


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    In Honor Of Rosa Parks: A Historical Figure

    Post  Quida411 on Thu Feb 13, 2014 1:23 am

    In Honor Of Rosa Parks: A Historical Figure

    Rosa Parks was a historical figure because she was the woman of the civil rights movement.
    She was great and determined to stand up for her beliefs and what was moral.

    She fearlessly and strongly led the montgomery bus boycott conscientiously.
    She was a just, upright, and meek spirit.

    She tremendously, courageously, and boldly refused to give up her seat.
    She diligently integrated black and white people to stop the color lines and racial tension, without defeat.

    She was a powerful activist and vigilant.
    She persevered through her trial and tribulation.

    She always did good works for people and those in need.
    She consistently did good deeds.

    As a historical figure, she left the mark for black people to take up the mantle, excel in leadership, and have dignity.
    She was gracious, poised, lowly, and compassionate, and had dignity.

    In Celebration Of Black History Month!! Smile 

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